G-Ni The Chosen One”

Presenting G-Ni  

Born in Montgomery, Alabama and raised up in Atlanta, Georgia, I started rapping out of my friend's closet (Gotcha Willie) in 2003 right after we graduated high school. Tucker High was a place where there was alot of "freestyle rappers."  I first went by the name of Gemini.  Some people that were on the Chamillionaire.com Forum knew me by the name GeminiDaName.  When I first began on the Chamillionaire site, I didnt know that the people I met there would be the people I would eventually know for many years to come.  I continue to have a friendship with them to this day, but I have since changed my name to G-Ni.  

I have a numerious amount of mixtapes and unheard albums, but I haven't yet been in the Awards aspect of the industry, this possibly may be something I do in the future. 

Over the years my sound both developed and advanced much better than I anticipated.  My work is completely edited and mixed by myself and it took a great deal of both practice and patience.  I have completed over 1000 songs since the start of my career.  I refuse to let material before 2007 be heard, even if I did still have it! (Ha).  My best music is from 2007 to the present.  

Dj Whut It Dew & G-Ni & Giovanni Presents Show You How 2 Hustle-2007  was where I really began to perform.  That tape was the beginning of the business for me.  G-Ni Presented By Green City Beast Mode The Album 2007 was an album I did with Greencity which ended up landing me an opportunity to join their label. Royalty Ent Presents 3 Sides of The Story 2008 was a banga but just wasn't really very heard. Next came Scarface Presents Green City-Brand New Money 2008.  This Album was made when I joined Green City Records.  We were signed to Scarface's Underground Railroad Records under Universal Records. The deal went sour after the cd was prolonged and it eventually made its way to stores on both national and international levels, but unfortunately had very little success. 

Dj Whut It Dew & G-Ni Presents Beast Mode 2008 is the second mixtape I did with Dj Whut It Dew.  We went in on over 17 tracks.  Icey White Productions Presents G-Ni I Am The Industry Vol 1 2008 was the tape I did right after the deal with GreenCity & Scarface's Underground Record Label went cold.  I'm Your Pusha Promotions & Icey White Productions Presents G-Ni I Am The Industry Vol 2:Follow The Formula 2009 was a great success despite all the drama behind the record deal. 

Dj Whut It Dew & G-Ni Presents Afrodisiac:Stories of Love, Lust and Heartache 2009 was my first RnB mixtape and ended up creating a huge fan support and did very well.  This was also the start of Brothaz N Craft Productions (G-Ni & J Nauti) and was co-produced by J Nauti (Brothaz N Craft).  Fleet Djs Presents G-Ni The Triggermen Vol 13 (Specially Picked the unlucky number) 2009-2010 Hosted by G-Ni can still be heard playing in the trunks of people's cars to this day!  G-Ni & Maxx Calzz Presents Call Me Mister Vol 1 2010  is solid, quality entertainment as people come for a co-op mixtape. 

After completion of Call Me Mister, I joined the Army and went into a brief hiatus until I could get out of the basic training atmosphere.  Being full military now, I still make time for my music and my fans can look forward to several tapes coming out i.e. G-Ni & Maxx Calzz-Call Me Mister The LP 2011 Production from producers such as Lorenzo Preston, J Nauti (Brothaz N Craft/Genesis Club), Costa Beats, Scotty Wu and etc. Dj Whut It Dew & G-Ni Presents The Clark Kent Chronicles was completed August 2011 and is the next RnB exhibit for my fans.  Scotty Wu Productions & G-Ni- Rose Petals & Naked Ladies LP TBD.  This album is in the works.  Brothaz N Craft Presents G-Ni-Genesis Club TBD This album is currently in the works.   Quota Boyz (2k Tha Murderman, T. Gunz, G-Ni and Major Payne) Presents Super Hero Music TBD. This tape will soon be in the works. 

At the end of the day, my true inspiration that keeps me focused is my philosophy that "Music Is My Therapy."   I am inspired completely by my daughter Destiny. Without music I would be mentally unstable.   

I would like to give special thanks to my daughter, my bro J Nauti, Dj Whut It Dew, The Quota Boyz, Green City and all the people that have supported my music over the years.   

I believe that even if nothing in the music industry were to happen again, in the end, it was a success to me and I was able to achieve my musical goals.